viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Different, but the same :)

Different styles, different tastes, different ages but at the end we all share something.

And that's blood.

No, don't take it the wrong way, the thing is that, we, the people who run the blog, are family. The four of us are cousins. United by the same goal, to show what really fashion is.

Coming from a country where fashion means nothing more that wearing whatever it's in the stores, we've decided to take the opportunity to show that there's more to fashion than what the stores have.

But hey, not everything about this blog is going to be about fashion, as we've said before we all have different tastes and we'd like to share them with you.

This will be a place where you can find everything from cooking, to music, books and even sports! It's anything that inspires us and helps us to express ourselves.

We're going to share with you our day by day, and our little knowledge about the topics mentioned before.

So if you're reading this, thank you and we hope you stay with us :)


Ana, Andrea, Sarah and Janet :)

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